WiBrain or other Devices


Does anyone have experience with the WiBrain device? My parents have been living a nightmare having had their WIFI network hacked. They’ve since switched providers and I’ve worked for weeks wiping devices and/or having the Apple Store do the service, while installing Bitdefender on their devices at my home to be off of their network. I had to create a new email address and Apple ID for my mom who is also using a brand new phone with a data plan. The last 48 hours it seems as if everything we’ve done to secure them may be coming undone. I’m not sure how to defeat this. Just wondered is anyone has had experience with a WiBrain device or anything related. Is it used with, or in conjunction with, a small blue light like a laser pointer? I think they may be looking for the router or my parents desktop computer which is still with me, but it’s always their office window and none others. I know this sounds crazy and it is crazy, but I’m running out of options with hiring a detective as a last resort. I’d appreciate any advice or recommendations.