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Does Bitdefender use virtualization based security & what to disable with Windows Defender?


If so not seeing it at all. BD Build, Windows 11 Pro X64

Also literally no information on how to properly disable Windows Defender.

Memory Integrity Windows Defender ON or Off?

Vulnerable Driver Blocklist On or Off?

What other features/settings need attention?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @AntonyMagnus,

    During the setup, Bitdefender identifies other security products that were previously installed. To ensure these different security solutions will not cause difficulties, you will be advised to uninstall them.

    Having two or more security solutions installed at the same time can have a negative impact on your computer. The symptoms may include but are not limited to degraded performance, system crashes, and software errors.

    During installation, Bitdefender deactivates and replaces windows Defender and no further action should be required from you afterwards. You don't have to deactivate anything. Bitdefender does not use virtualization based security on windows, but there is no need to activate other windows settings like the ones you've mentioned to have the system protected. The antivirus already offers complete protection and detects any vulnerability.

    To ensure you are protected and the antivirus is operating as expected, you can also read the below article for the complete checklist:


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  • AntonyMagnus

    Thank you for the explanation, may I suggest that Bitdefender highlight this in its FAQ information. It would be very helpful for Microsoft Defender users migrating to Bitdefender. As we all know Microsoft Defender is installed by default with all M$ products and this information should be made available!

  • Alexandru_BD

    Thank you @AntonyMagnus, will do! 👍️

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