Antimalware sur Bitdefender ?


Dernièrement j'ai fait une analyse avec Emisoft antimalware qui m'a trouvé 18 malwares à haut risque qu'avait laissé passé Bitdefender Total Security.

Ma question est simple : y'a-t-il un antimalware avec Bitdefender Total Security et si oui comment l'activer ?

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    Emsisoft uses the malware detection engine of bitdefender as well as it's own in built house engine. If the sample detected ends with (B), the detection is of bitdefender engine and if the sample detected ends with (A), the detection is of emsisoft in built house engine.

    If you think a website/ file is not detected by bitdefender as malicious or phishing, kindly use the forum in the below stated link to report them to malware research team.

    If website/ file is indeed malicious or phishing, detection will be added in maximum of 72 hours and if the detection is not available even after 72 hours, consider the website/ file as safe by malware researchers and detection will not be created against them.


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