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Remembering the box has been ticked

Trennie MR
edited May 2023 in Password Manager

In Bidefender password manager you put a tick in the box and you should not have to remember the password every time but its not working as I have ticked it several times its really frustraiting can you Help Thank You Thomas


  • Flexx

    Kindly contact the bitdefender support by visiting and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you can get in touch with support representative either by email, chat or over a call.

    Alternatively, you can also share your query with bitdefender support team by dropping them an email at

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Trennie,

    To establish if the 'Remember me' feature works as intended, first we need to rule out a couple of question marks. I'll provide a bit more context on how this feature operates:

    • Remember me is displayed at the screen asking for the master password
    • After checking it, normally you will not be required to enter the master password, as you will be logged in automatically
    • Using 'Remember me' doesn't mean that you will never have to use the Master Password again. As it is easy to forget the master password, and due to the security concerns in case the device gets lost or stolen, the user will remain logged in 72 hours, after that the master password will be asked for again. However, if the user is using the browser or the application actively every day, the 72 hours window gets refreshed every 24 hours.
    • If you have inactivity lock with logout option enabled, then it is normal, since you are completely logged out of the account.
    • On mobile devices, you are still required to enter PIN/biometrics, to ensure the device is in the correct hands. Note: for any security concerns about the 'Remember me’ feature, you can use Inactivity lock with PIN unlock. This way, you can still use 'Remember me', but the extension will be locked when inactive as an extra layer of security.

    If 'Remember me' doesn’t work, the following questions arise:

    • Did you tick the 'Remember me' box when logging in?
    • Did you log out manually from Password manager? – if yes, that’s normal
    • How long ago did you check 'Remember” me? – the feature is time limited to 72 hours
    • Did you use the “Secure me” feature targeting the device with the issue? – if yes, that’s normal, as you were logged out
    • Did you enable inactivity lock with logout option? - if yes, as mentioned above, that is normal as you were logged out.
    • On mobile devices, are you asked for the master password, or PIN/biometrics? If PIN/Biometrics, that’s normal, this is asked for to ensure the device is in the correct hands.

    I hope the information is helpful. In the event the 'Remember me' feature is still not working as expected taking into consideration all of the above, then please reach out to our Support engineers for a more in-depth investigation of the affected device.


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