Chrome PW manager no longer suggests new passwords

Since installing BD Total Security, the Chrome password manager will no longer offer to create new passwords. I am NOT using the BD password manager. It seems as though BD has inhibited the operation of the Chrome password manager. Win10, Chrome and BD are all up to date. Help?

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    This is not an issue with bitdefender, I have myself different laptop on which bitdefender is not installed and still chrome does not offer to save password. This might be the bug within chrome browser and you will have to report this issue in the google chrome support community by visiting

    Even resetting the google chrome to default settings will not do any good because at first it will seem that it is working perfectly but after few days the issue will start to appear again. Also make sure that no chrome extension is causing the trouble like an ad blocker or anti tracker extension.

    To get an appropriate resolution, kindly contact google chrome support community.


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