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Hi all,

I am user of Bitdefender AV free on the plattform Windows 10. I want visit website of czech retail oil station Ono from Google.cz. The Bitdefender show warning about false certifikate and phishing.

[link removed by admin] or mobile web [link removed by admin] viabrowser Firefox or Edge.

I have Bitdefender in Android Phone and i dont have problem with connection to website.

I think it is false alarm, i have the website add to white list. I have still problem to visit website :/

Regards.... czech user of BT AV Free

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    The website https://tank-ono.cz/ does not have trusted valid SSL certificate and hence you will continue to receive those warnings until the website ssl certificates are fixed.

    Below is the result from sucuri on the website


    As per sucuri, TLS certificate does not match the host name which means your TLS (SSL) certificate was issued for another website. The website will fail to load in most web browsers because of this problem. You should contact your web hosting company for instructions to replace the incorrect certificate.


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