Question about reinstalling Bitdefender

Today, I installed a big critical update for Windows 10. It was around 100 GB. Do I need to reinstall Bitdefender and VPN after this kind of Windows update? Or do I only do a reinstall when I update the operating system to a new version? I'm thinking of updating to Windows 11 eventually...

Thanks for any help.


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    Today i got the same update as you.

    But, believe me, that particular update (and all the other Windows cumulative updates) is around 700 MB, as you can see from this link:

    This is a known bug when Bitdefender's Vulnerability scan shows that the update is 100 GB, but the update is around 400 MB, 700 MB or 1 GB, but not more than 1 GB. In most cases it is around 700 MB.

    Also, no need to do a reinstall of your Bitdefender programs after every Windows update, the programs will still work without any problems.

    Finally, 6 months ago i upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (i repeat: upgraded, i didn't do a fresh/clean installation of Windows 10) and didn't have to reinstall BD Total Security on my laptop, after the upgrade the program kept and still keeps working on my laptop without any issues.


  • @Gjoksi Thanks for your reply! Very helpful. :)