How to use split-tunneling for Windows Apps?

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Hello community,

I couldn't find an answer using the search funtion so hereby my question: how to setup split-tunneling for Windows Apps in Bitdefender VPN?

Apps like Prime Video for Windows, NetFlix or Disney+. I can't find an .EXE or .COM file extension for any of these apps. Do I need to use split-tunneling with a website in these cases? And if so, which websites to use?


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  • Hello @GyroTwister,

    Check out the article below:

    If there isn't an app, you can exclude the site. The split tunneling feature allows both websites and apps to bypass VPN.


  • Hello @Alexandru_BD ,

    Thanks for the information but I already followed that specific article. However I can't find any information about WIndows Apps. I looked in the folders where the Apps are located to find an executable but there aren't any. Maybe an app is using a web address but I can't find any address either.

    Hence why I asked our community. Is there any other information available which I could have missed?


  • Hello @Gjoksi ,

    That article surely put me in the right direction. Found some executables to put in the spilt tunneling config. Cheers!

  • Well done @Gjoksi 👌