Why Windows version differs from Mac OS

I installed two paid version Bitdefender on 5 devices, 2 laptops and 3 Mobile phones. I noticed that windows version is much better than Mac OS. This is because on Windows BitDefender offer web surfing protection if I'm going to do online shopping using my credit card.

is there anyway I can do the same on Mac OS?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @Wizzy and welcome to the Community!

    Mac OS is a much more strict environment than Windows, a situation that has two effects: one is that Mac OS does not require the same amount of extensive anti-malware modules as access is much more restricted to any 3rd party, not only including possible malicious apps / files, but the same restrictions apply to 3rd party software manufacturers such as ourselves.

    The second effect is that since the OS is much more restrictive, mirroring the same in-depth technologies available on Windows is not possible on Mac OSX, due to the limited access provided to developers. Apple may hold primary functions in specific areas for themselves.

    On Windows, are you using Safepay for online shopping?



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  • Wizzy
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    Alex thank you for getting back to me and for your kind effort. Answering your question, I'll start using Safepay tonight for the first time. Bitdefender did it job by stopping 3 malwares on my wife's iphone + it detected account breaches. I'll feel safer using Safepay on windows to make our purchases. All the best