Anomaly Detection app for Bitdefender Mobile Security

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Bitdefender Plus, Windows 10 Pro-32 Bit, CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 Gb - Bitdefender Mobile Security


  • Racer_X
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    Hello @Nunzio77,

    This is a very interesting article!

    If you're interested, there was a clear explanation from @Flexx on this new feature in another post :

    The explanation in question :

    "In simple terms, app anomaly detection in bitdefender mobile security for android. is similar to advanced threat detection in bitdefender windows product which scans the files on the basis of their behaviour for which traditional malware signatures have not been created.

    Bitdefender for mobile security will only scan for pre installed applications (note not the system files, but which were installed by the manufacturer) and additional file that a user may install. Regarding the scanning of .pdf .odt .rtf .doc .gif .mp3 .avi files as you mentioned they will not be scanned because even if the files contain malicious scripts they will not be able to harm android OS since they will have to first install the malicious application and the malicious application will have the extension .apk which can be easily detected by bitdefender mobile security for android.

    Also till date there have been no evidence (as far as I know) stating that other than .apk extension there or any other file extensions that have lead to malicious attack on an android device.


    Thanks to @Flexx