When connect to AT&T fiberoptic, Bitdefender blocks a port scan attack from a masked IP address

As the title says... I'm being port scan attacked which gets 'blocked' yet something still disables my network adapter. I simply netsh winsock reset in command prompt and restart computer and am able to connect to other WIFIs again. It's all very strange and I do not know enough to have even the slightest clue of what is going on. Does anyone have insight to this?

I have had no issues that can be detected when I go to other WIFI but after a few weeks I did have someone attempt to log into my twitter which was logged into my browser, and discord after I logged into my brave browser the other day.

As time goes it seems more and more applications request access to the internet that I've never seen before [various windows files] but bitdefender isn't picking up anything as malicious... the final straw before full windows install was when bitdefender reported certain files as having settings changed and so I would block them until it was brave browser being changed and to block it would mean no longer accessing the internet with all my various extensions. So I reinstalled windows. AT&T even wiped the router and reinstalled, however once I tried to connect to the internet where I am staying I got the port scan attack notice again and I'm right back to where I started.

I am on windows 10 Asus laptop.



A port scan was detected and blocked. Remote IP:2600:1700:1A37:6C10:0000:0000:0000:0001/128

I am very curious to learn more about this as it is rather inconvenient. Any insight would be appreciated.