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Unable to Activate GravityZone Mobile (Cloud)

Now that GravityZone Mobile is available for GravityZone cloud console, we're evaluating it to hopefully pitch to our clients (mobile security/supervision is a frequent request).

So we've got it enabled and a company console created. Wow - insane amount of granularity in the policies. But we can't activate it. When we try to use the QR Code or activation link, it fails to activate. Yet the devices show up as active devices in the cloud console and an audit log is created indicating an activation login every time we try. But the app never gets past Getting Started to do the client side setup and permissions and on the console side most client info is missing/blank (likely since the app never did a full initialization after activation).

We've submitted a ticket already, but figured I'd ask here in case someone else has already run into this. So far we've only tried testing on Android.



  • Gjoksi


    Since you already submitted a ticket, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B (they both provide support for business products) could take a look here and help you with the issue.


  • FYI in case anyone else runs into this, it's a known issue and the current workaround is to use a 'plus' email address. So instead of, send the activation email to (or whatever you want after the + we used mobilesecurity). Then the app activates.

    Have been pretty impressed so far. Definitely need a definitive admin guide though.

  • Hi @itxpress

    Thank you for sharing this workaround with the community, it is highly appreciated! 👍️

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user