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Password Manager in Bitdefender Premium Security for more than one user


I believe Bitdefender Premium Security is an integrated solution intended to be used by family members. I don't think it's normal for a single user to use 10 different devices. Therefore, I don't understand why the integrated Password Manager in Premium Security is for a single user, especially when the Wallet, which allows for multiple Wallets, each with its own master password, is going to be removed. It's not useful to mix the logins and passwords of various family members. I believe this limitation is going to be a big problem for many users.

I think Bitdefender should consider including in Premium Security at least the Password Manager for 4 users

I have been a satisfied Bitdefender user for many years, and I dislike having to start considering the possibility of looking for other solutions solely for economic reasons, as I am unable to have an integrated solution that meets my needs.

Thank you for taking an interest in our needs.


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