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Dear Community members,

Many of those who openly expressed their opinion about the Password Manager in this forum felt something was missing from the service. And they were right.

We are thrilled to introduce the latest Bitdefender offering—the Password Manager Shared Plan! Managing passwords has never been easier or more secure. Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan enables multiple users to access and utilize the same subscription. It provides a centralized approach to software access, administration and support, offering a cost-effective solution for sharing the password manager service among multiple users.

Click on the link below to find out how it works:

Let us know what you think about the new plan, functionality, and overall user experience. Do you find it useful for your personal use? Is there anything you would like to see improved or added to the plan?

Let's hear it in the comments below. 👇️

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  • I purchased Bitdefender Premium Security because it included Password Manager, and it was said that in the near future, it could be used for multiple users. Now, Password Manager Shared Plan has been released, but I can't use it. After contacting Bitdefender support, they informed me that Premium Security only includes Password Manager for a single user, and if I want to use it for multiple users, I can purchase the Password Manager Shared Plan, despite the fact that the link they provided states that it's included in Premium Security.

    I find it completely absurd and unacceptable that they offer an integrated solution for 10 devices, but the integrated Password Manager can only be used by a single user.

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    From reading and replying to past posts, I think 6 would have been a better number for a shared plan. But this is a good start :) I also agree with @jollovers that the PM with the Premium security is only an individual plan, and it is an upgrade to get the additional benefit of the 4 other member plan. As with jollovers, I also confirmed it with Chat support.

    @Alexandru_BD it would be nice if you could help to explain the logistics of how the subscriber has their own PM that comes with Premium Security, to help benefit the number of users or accounts, i.e. the 1 PM that came with their account, would not be used against the other 4? Or, would it still be a 1 x 3 scenario, being the subscription holder and all?

    What is Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan?

    • Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan provides a password management service for a group of 4 people: 1 Plan manager and 3 Members.

    Now, for the ability to manage and edit the passwords in a bigger environment/window (notebooks, PCs) other than the smaller browser app window would be nice.

    As always, kind regards and thank you,


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  • It is a shame. They changed from a great working feature (wallet) to something that was half-planned (single user password manager) and to a really expensive product (that does work as it should)?

  • I'm in the same situation, having purchased Premium Security. I also wanted multiple users for the password manager feature contained in the Premium package. There should be a family option for Premium Security that includes multiple users for the Password Manager. For now I'll stick to a competing password manager product.

  • Hello @Ladnar and thanks for joining us here.

    Following the customers' requests, the Bitdefender portfolio has been revised to offer all-in-one plans that include up to 5 accounts for Password Manager. This is a sneak preview on how they look like, but keep in mind they are not yet available across all regions:



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  • I just started a trial for Premium that includes 10 devices. The Password Manager x5 is not included from what I can see. Will it be included in the near future? It's around the same price as the Family Premium. I don't need 25 devices covered. Or do I have to switch over to the Family plan in order to get it? And if I do have to switch, is it available in the US now?

  • Hello @SKane,

    In the event you do not require protection for up to 25 devices, you could opt for Total Security instead (5 or 10 devices) and purchase the Password Manager shared plan separately. This will help secure passwords for up to 4 accounts. However, in this scenario you will not have the Premium VPN included, since Total Security comes with the basic version that offers 200 MB daily traffic per device.

    Should you choose Premium Security instead, this will give you complete protection for up to 10 devices, Premium VPN and Password Manager for individual use.

    It all depends on how many devices require protection and what additional security services you would like to have.



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  • So in other words the only option I have is to move over to the new Family Premium to have the Password Manager included. When will this be available in the US?

  • I expect the new portfolio to be available in most locations soon. If you are interested in the Premium Security Family Plan, send me a private message and I'll see what I can do.



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