2 Not found files shown in log

Yesterday I decided to do a full system scan since it has been a while again and after it was done I noticed 2 files in the skipped items;

\\?\Volume{same numbers}\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD


And both of these have (Item was not found) beside it. My PC is running fine and havent done anything that could infect my PC. Regardless I ran a Malwarebytes (free) scan and nothing came up. After that I done a Rescue Environment scan and nothing came up either + the 2 BCD files where absent from the log after the scan.

I have checked Reddit earlier and while theres 2 posts about this, it doesnt answer much. Beside one person stating this showed up after the last big update. I'd guess this is a bug/glitch but I'd ask here just incase.

I have very little IT knowledge how to solve things at all. Thanks for your patience.


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    Bitdefender has a feature called SmartScan, which decreases the duration of the scan by adding clean files to a cache so that they will be skipped at the next scan if the files have not been accessed or modified in any way. If a file that is already present in the cache is accessed, then it will be removed from the cache. This is what the Skipped Items from Bitdefender scan log represent.

    The "cache" created by Bitdefender is the same for all types of scan, also for all the scanned files . Once you ran a scan, the clean files are moved to this cache. Also, Bitdefender is scanning all the files and processes accessed in real time. These are also added to the same cache if they are clean.

    Only the clean files are moved to this cache. When you will start a scan, Bitdefender will first check this cache in order to know what files it will skip. Also, once a file from the cache is modified, it will automatically be removed from the cache list and Bitdefender will scan it again in order to make sure the file is clean.


  • Thanks for answering.

    Regardless, whenever I do a full system scan these 2 items I mentioned above show up in the list of skipped items outside of the cache (like password protected items)

    My question is more whatever these 2 items are and why BitDefender is trying to 'find/scan' them during a full system scan. Since it doesnt even show to be on the C: drive (the only drive I have)

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    Some files are system files that are required for normal functioning of windows. Those files are password protected so that no one can manually or by any software can make a change in them, otherwise it may cause BSOD issues.


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  • I think i might be one of the guys you mentioned left a reddit post... The files for you are flagged as missing and unable to be scanned right? Or are they actually password protected? If it's that same for you as for me this only started happening after the last sizable update.

  • They're not password protected. It just shows up in the list together with em (since I do have some files that are password protected but harmless)

    Its indeed that it stated they cant be found. I did research what these files are and according Microsoft, they replaced a Boot file in an update in late May, so they're fairly new. And have the only function to boot up Windows, nothing else.

    A quick, uneducated guess would be that those files have been placed behind windows by Microsoft to replace the bootfile in an update and Bitdefender mightve kept track on that and tries to find it. But cant cause its beyond their reach. However, they probably are able to find it in Rescue Environment and thats why it doesnt show up in the log from a Rescue Environment scan. But thats a quick uneducated theory.

  • Did you ever find a fix for the bcd files showing up as not found?

  • Unfortunately not, ive still been checking around. I do full system scan nearly daily but havent noticed any changes even with latest BD updates.

    Since I dont notice any forms of infection or suspicious events happening surrounding my PC or my accounts and since Microsoft stated these files have been planted since May for secure boot and stated that any meddling with it can cause Windows to malfunction in launching (which doesn't) I am expecting this to be a case of BD bug.

    Eitherway, its completely out of my league.

  • Hello, any progress about this? Is it a BD bug? Can it be a threat? I've read these files are used to launch Windows, if they can be accessed isn't it a security threat?

    I reset a computer recently, I installed BitDefender Total Security and did a full scan directly after Windows11 install, and these 2 files were there.


  • I know nothing more than what is said above, I had hoped some specialists on this forum could put some light on it by now.

    Afaik, nothing has changed surrounding my PC and its not showing any telltale signs of infections. So im pretty skeptical if it is something security wise.

    I did reinstall bitdefender once, thinkin it is a bug, but no change.