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Hi Guys .... my first post, apologies in advance if I don't get the right protocol.

I'm not a 'technical' guy but I don't mind dabbling with a few things.

I did install BitDefender Password manager to give it a go to see how well it worked. I felt that it was a bit 'heavy' on dialogue boxes but seemed to work OK. Then - about a month ago - it started to ask me to log into my vault every time I restarted by browser. SO now I need to type in my Bit Defender log in every time I open a browser.

Is there a hidden setting somewhere ....? What am I doing wrong? (I guess I can minimise the browser window rather then closing it when I've finished the browsing session but I kind of think it 'ought' to work a lot more in the background than it does.



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @bremhillbob and welcome to the Community!

    The login issue you described can be addressed by enabling an option in your Password Manager settings menu, I've included an image below as to what it looks like:

    After you've opened the Settings, the option at the very top says "Disable login tab on startup", simply check that box.

    Make sure to tick the 'Remember me' box as well:

    I hope the information is helpful. Let us know how it goes.



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