Input-Output Errors

Hello there again everyone. I'm just curious what are these Input-Output Errors in the logs after I did a Full System Scan. Should I be worried about these? Thanks in advance for the answers.


  • Apart from that, it also failed to scan these 2:

    \?\Volume{string of letters and numbers}EFI\Microsoft\boot\BCD

    \?\Volume{string of letters and numbers}EFI\Microsoft\boot\BCD.log

    Is this a false positive?

  • Hello @cian.power,

    Input-output errors are not really a reason for concern, this simply means that the files could no longer be found. Of course, if there are many files displayed there, this would require a more in-depth investigation, but otherwise it should be fine.


  • Can you define “many”?

  • Hi @Alexandru_BD

    I also have been wondering regarding this when reviewing scan logs, thanks for the explanation, much appreciated!