How to uninstall Bitdefender SafePay


I realy hate when my paid applications decide to install to silently install unwanted bloatware, so is there an option to remove it?

I tried looking in Programs and features as well as in Bitdefenders Program Files Folder.

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    Hi @Kicho

    Safepay has been a feature of Bitdefender since 2013. It is not an add-on or bloatware that installs silently but is a cherished part of Bitdefender's security that many have appreciated over the years, including myself. It cannot be uninstalled.

    If you no longer wish to see it on your app Dashboard, you can change that out from the Quick Actions panels and replace it with another.

    In the settings, you can disable notifications from Safepay by going to the left-hand side, Privacy/Safepay settings/Settings and disable them all.

    Safepay really does bring some great security features to your online banking as well as favorite shopping sites, especially when used with its built-in VPN. Just a thought as far as understanding what it brings to the table :)

    From this article:


    Bitdefender Safepay offers the following features:

    • It blocks access to your desktop and any attempt to take snapshots of your screen.
    • It protects your secret passwords while browsing online with Password Manager.
    • It comes with a virtual keyboard that makes it impossible for hackers to read your keystrokes when used.
    • It is completely independent of your other browsers.
    • It comes with a built-in VPN to be used when your computer is connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
    • It supports bookmarks and allows you to navigate between your favorite banking/shopping sites.
    • It is not limited to banking. Any website can be opened in Bitdefender Safepay.

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