Search Advisor and Traffic Light broken

I'm no longer getting the icons on a Google search in my browser that shows if a site is safe. I have both Search Advisor (in Total Security) and Traffic Light (in browser) enabled. This stopped working recently. I'm on Windows desktop computer. Fails on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I reported it to Bitdefender Support but not sure how long it will take to resolved. This seems to happen every so often with new versions of Bitdefender. Is anyone else having the same problem or found a workaround? Thanks.


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    The support team will reply back to your ticket within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.

    @Mike_BD, @Alexandru_BD can have a look at the ticket you created and can escalate the issue.


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  • Hello @DWK,

    I have located your ticket and noticed that a Support engineer replied to you two days ago.

    It seems that the situation is caused by an issue that has already been acknowledged by our development team. The developers are currently working on a fix that will be deployed by means of an automatic update and won't require any additional action on your end.

    The Support representatives will get back to you with an update regarding the fix as soon as they have one.

    Based on our findings, sometimes the search advisor won’t show the relevant symbols next to the webpage results.

    Disabling the HTTP/3 (QUIC) Protocol does not fix this issue and apparently this happens on both Windows and MacOS while using Firefox and Chrome. There have been reports for Safari as well.



  • Is there any update on this issue? It's a basic feature and has been broken for 2 months. Is there a target date for a fix? Thanks.

  • Hello @DWK,

    Can you share with us the following details that may help speed up the investigation?

    • What is your location (e.g. country) ?
    • Do you have autoscrolling enabled on Google (this is region based), meaning do more results automatically load when scrolling down instead of having page 2, 3, etc?
    • Does the issue occur with ALL results, or only those on the second page/that appear when scrolling down and beyond?

    The feature is not broken for everyone, so we are trying to understand what exactly triggers the issue for the few users that have reported this behavior.

    Thank you!

  • Answers:

    • I'm in the USA
    • For autoscrolling, I have continuous scroll enabled in my search settings. Not sure if that's what you mean. I disabled it and it made no difference.
    • The issue occurs with all results. Every page, every result on the page.

    Some additional info:

    • It's broken on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
    • It's broken for Search Advisor, and also broken if I have Traffic Light installed on the browser.
    • I'm running Windows 10.
    • Bitdefender is up to date. Search Advisor is turned on. All Online Threat Prevention options are on. I do have some exceptions configured and may have tweaked a few other settings but overall, Bitdefender has most default/recommended settings.
    • It's been broken for a long time, but I don't know an exact day this started.
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    Safe search with the Traffic Light extension no longer works in Italy either.

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  • Hello and thank you for the detailed information. I have forwarded your feedback to our engineers.


  • I'm having the same issue and am located in the UK. Should it be working here?

  • Hello @breaksfr1,

    The behavior is not necessary related to the location.

    Kindly contact the Support teams as they would require more information from you.

    You can get in touch with the Bitdefender engineers by choosing one of the contact channels available here:

    Choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.

    Let us know how it goes.


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    Just following up here, the latest Traffic Light version 3.2.4 available at the Chrome Store includes a fix for the known situation where search advisor wouldn't show the symbols next to the webpage results. Based on the developers' report, more adjustments will soon follow and these should fix the issue permanently, as this new release focuses specifically on Chrome and Safari and there are still some minor tweaks required for Firefox.

    Please do try it out and let us know how the new version behaves now.



  • I can confirm version 3.2.4 does fit it on Chrome. I'm a Firefox user so hoping to see that fixed soon.

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    Great @Alexandru_BD, safe search now works correctly in Chrome.

    The thing I noticed, however, is that with the extension active, Chrome's RAM usage increases dramatically.

    It reaches up to 700/800 Mb by deactivating it, the usage drops to 200 Mb, which is acceptable.

    I don't know if anyone else has encountered this...

    Nunzio ·

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  • Hello,

    So, the Chrome version 3.2.4 released last week is now available to all users.

    New Firefox version is delayed due to reviews, but it will soon follow.

    @Nunzio77 I'm not sure what to say about the RAM usage in this case. But I will check if anyone else encountered this, or if it's FaD.


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    Thanks @Alexandru_BD, it may just depend on some sites and on Chrome increasing the load. Because it doesn't do it on all systems anyway. For example, I noticed this behavior on the Google translator site. But it could be Chrome. 😎

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