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Gostaria de saber porque o valor da assinatura esta acima do mercado??? E qual o plano ideal você pode me indicar, sou um usuário doméstico.



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    English translation: I would like to know why the subscription value is above the market??? And what is the ideal plan you can indicate me, I'm a home user.

    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD any information regarding this.


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    Hello @testalghoritmo,

    To what price are you referring to exactly, is it the new aquisition price or the renewal price? Are you checking the prices online on the official Bitdefender website or someplace else? What market are you using to compare the price? The ideal plan depends on your requirements. How many devices do you wish to protect, what operating systems do you use and do you require VPN encryption or other services such as digital identity protection and maybe a password manager?