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Is there way to log directly into Password Manager?


I'm trialing Bitdefender password manager. To access it via the Safari extension my mac, I have to first log into my Bitdefender Central Account go through 2FA and then log in to the password manager using my master password. The problem I have with this is, if I log out of the password manager, to log back in I first need the the password for my Bitdefender Central account, which is now stored in the password manager that I need the password for to access. The only way I can see round this is to keep the Bitdefender Central Password outside the password manager...which kind of defeats the point...or not log out which then means it's only protected by my master password without 2FA.

Thoughts anyone?


  • Flexx

    This is a limitation of Bitdefender Password Manager. When you log out of the password manager, you are also logged out of Bitdefender Central, which means you need to know your Bitdefender Central password to log back in.

    There are a few ways to work around this:

    1) Keep your Bitdefender Central password outside of the password manager. This is the least secure option, but it is the only way to avoid the problem you are describing.

    2) Don't log out of the password manager. This is the most secure option, but it means that your passwords are only protected by your master password, without the added security of 2FA.

    Ultimately, the best way to work around this limitation depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are concerned about security, you may want to keep your Bitdefender Central password outside of the password manager. If you are more concerned about convenience, you may want to choose a different password manager that does not have this limitation.


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