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Bitdefender and 1Password

edited August 2023 in Password Manager

Since I installed Bitdefender on my PCs and MAC through Netgear I am no longer able to use the autofill option in 1 Password nor does 1Password become active. If push comes to shove I will remove bitdefender, however, there must be an override to enable 1Password to do it's thing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I should add this is a problem only with the mini mac. On the pc it works without issue.



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @dsachnoff,

    Have you also installed the Bitdefender Password Manager and set it as default for your browser? If not, then I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required to troubleshoot this. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact channels available here:

    Let us know how it goes.


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