BTS: Firewall not working after recent update


after todays update the Bitdefender Firewall isn't working anymore. Windows 10 activates the Windows Firewall and no matter what i try in the BD Total Security Interface, it can't be activated.

I've reinstalled BD from scratch and after the reinstall the Firewall is on and working until the update hits. After the update and the device reboot it is inactive and unable to start.

The AV itself is working fine.

Services are all running.

It seems that the update is faulty.

Win10 22H2 / Bitdefender Total Security | Build


  • Same here with Windows 11, Bitdefender Total Security

    Bitdefender firewall is turned off and cannot turn on again. Windows firewall has taken automatically its place.

  • Same issue. It's only fixed by not updating to the latest version.

  • I have the same problem since latest update, windows firewall is active and Bitdefender firewall will not turn on.

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    The fix has just been sent out. You may need to restart your device first, then try a right-click system tray icon update, and it should show the update happening incrementally, i.e. 32% 45% 78% etc, until it updates. A restart is not required.

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  • Hello everyone,

    Please check for updates as the fix has been deployed.

    Let us know how it goes.


  • Yes, the last update fixed my case. Didn't even need a restart.

  • Update applied and the Firewall is working again as it should.

    Thank you for your fast reaction and fix. :)

  • k70
    k70 ✭✭✭

    Works again here too.Good work on the quick fix. 😊

  • I just came across this issue. My Bitdefender is up to date and still has the issue. I turn on the firewall close the Bitdefender to taskbar and then when reopen again it's disabled. I believe the update in August was applied with auto update but it's come back.

    Please advise!

  • Hello @ecronic1897,

    Can you tell us which Bitdefender version you have right now? There have been two additional updates since the one in August, version released on September 18 and a minor follow-up build rolled out on September 21 - version As far as I know, there haven't been any fresh reports of the firewall deactivating itself since the hotfix was released. Depending on your software version, you can manually check for updates by right-clicking the Bitdefender icon at the right end of the taskbar next to the Windows clock, and then select Update Now. If a newer build version is available, Bitdefender will prompt you to click the Restart Now button. See if this helps, otherwise I think it's a task for the Support engineers..



  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay, I was expecting an email notification for any replies but didn't receive any.

    To answer you question, my current software version in As you can see it's the latest updated version and I've also checked if there's an update. But I still have the firewall issue. I've already raised a ticket for this issue with the relevant department. Hopefully I should have an answer soon.



  • Hello @ecronic1897 and thank you for following up.

    Yes, I've noticed you have raised a ticket and were advised to reinstall the product, as a first troubleshooting step. For what is worth, here's an interesting article on what could cause the Firewall to disable itself sometimes, for future reference:

    Following your confirmation, the Support case has been closed with a positive resolution.