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SafePay locking all monitors not in use

NoRadiationForMe Consultant

SafePay is a key feature for many Bitdefender users, me included.

But I do "banking stuff" and other work, and thus I use a setup of multiple monitors.

When I use SafePay, it locks the rest of my monitors at the same time, making me unable to multitask or monitor other screens, which is totally unnecessary, but also not very climate friendly, since SafePay does not support monitor sleep.

  1. SafePay should be able to exist in a locked window and not in a locked display. Sandboxes including SafePay does not need to lock all screens except for the one window in use for SafePay. (workflow)
  2. When SafePay locks all displays, it prevents monitors from sleeping. (climate/environment)
  3. Should SafePay under no circumstances be able to not lock all screens while in use, at least these features must be included: 3a. Sleep function for monitors should not be disabled by SafePay or a sleep option should be implemented in SafePay. 3b. Features like at least a primitive calculator, a primitive notepad and an Excel/CSV reader/editor would be required to fulfill basic needs of many customers, private as well as professional.

If elaboration is needing let me know.

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