What are the whitelisted apps in BTS firewall while using automatic mode?

Currently using BTS firewall using default automatic mode and alert mode enabled.

While checking for Windows updates, no pop-up is offered and the connection is allowed. Also, while other devices access my SMB port, they can connect and access files and I also don't get any pop-up alert.

The pop-up with allow/deny is shown as expected while using other apps.

That means that the BTS firewall has some hard-coded allow list for Windows update and also for network sharing service. Is that true? Can we have the hard-coded apps list?


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    Yes, Bitdefender firewall has a hard-coded allow list for some apps, including Windows Update and network sharing service. This is done to ensure that these essential apps are always able to function properly, even when the firewall is enabled.

    The hard-coded allow list is not publicly available, but you can find a list of some of the apps that are included in it on the Bitdefender website. To do this, go to the Bitdefender website and search for "hard-coded allow list". You will find a link to a document that lists some of the apps that are included in the list.

    If you want to add an app to the hard-coded allow list, you can do so by following the steps in below stated link:


    The app that you added will now be included in the hard-coded allow list and will not be blocked by the firewall.

    It is important to note that adding an app to the hard-coded allow list can increase your security risk. This is because it allows the app to bypass the firewall security checks. As a result, you should only add apps to the allow list that you trust completely.


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  • Hi,

    It allows certain essential windows connections and all Bitdefender connections, as far as I'm aware.