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What am i doing wrong. This is less secure and less convinient.


I have the password manager on my Android and as an extension on Chrome on my Macbook.

There are several problems that I keep having.

I keep having to log in both on my phone and on my computer. As a result, I ended up changing the login password and the master password to things that I can remember or storing them in a file. Neither of these are particularly secure.

There are also several places where I can't seem to use the password manager.

1) When I log into my bank the password manager never offers suggestions.

2) When I log into Steam running as an application on my MacBook I don't get suggestions in the login window.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Albercook and welcome to the Community!

    If you lock your device without closing your browser, Password Manager doesn’t lock and you can access your data when you return. As a security measure, every time you open the browser you have to sign in with your Bitdefender Central account and then input your Master password.

    • To stop the Central sign-in prompt, go into Settings and tick “Disable login tab on startup”.
    • To stop the master password prompt for 72 hours, check the “Remember me” box on the Unlock your vault screen.

    In regards to the bank website, the Support representatives can further investigate what type of login it is, I cannot pronounce myself here. For Steam it doesn't work on the desktop, it's browser only.

    Should you require assistance with the bank website, I would recommend contacting the Technical Support team at the link below:

    You can choose between the available contact channels - chat, phone & email (ticket).

    I hope the information is helpful.



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