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Hi everybody,

i'm actualy dealing with a strange problem. We use Microsoft Configuration Manager (known as SCCM) and we have a lot of errors when deploying software on computers.

The problem is SCCM is downloading files in "C:\Windows\ccmcache" before processing installation, but on some computer he cannot validate the hash. I'm absolutely sure this issue come from Bitdefender because when you disable the antivirus it work perfectly.

I think Bitdefender is scanning the content donwloaded and it modify the hash temporaly, on some computers this process is fast enought and SCCM don't notice the change but on a lot it return an error and SCCM delete the cache.

I tried to exclude the cache directory in "Policy -> Antimalware -> settings -> In-policy exclusions" and i even tried to exclude the full product "Microsoft Configuration Manager" in "Vendor and product exclusions" but it doesn't work, i still have errors.

Does someone encounter the same issue ? Or does someone have an idea to fix this ? Maybe i'm not doning it right.

Thank you.


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    Hello @Zaraw ,

    We are not aware of any incompatibilities between Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST) and Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM).

    This scenario requires a in-depth review of your configurations and log review so please reach out to our Enterprise Support Team and they will be more than happy to assist you.

    You can contact them through any of the channel mentioned here: