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I've used Bitdefender Total Security for a few years now. No issues with the product whatsoever. However, why on earth does a renewal cost $99.99 (Canadian) when the Bitdefender website is offering the same product to new customers for $39.99?!?! Its infuriating! I turned off the auto-renewal and was given an offer of 50% off. Great deal in most cases, but still higher than purchasing the product new. Bitdefender really needs to treat its loyal, repeat customers better than this!


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    Hi @Habs1st

    That's why the other helpful members here suggest whenever we can, to disable auto-renewal, as you will get a better price a couple of weeks before your subscription expires.

    The promotion prices are just that, but consider that if you were comparing 50% off of the standard price, by itself, wouldn't you be happy with that? As you said, it's a great deal, and IMO, that is treating the customers right. It's the ones who are on auto-renewal, and paying full price "for the convenience of" auto-renewal that it can be a bit frustrating for them when they realize what they paid.

    So in that sense (above link), you are not alone.


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  • Yes, I agree, 50% off is a great deal. But why should I (and other repeat purchasers) have to pay more than a first time customer? It makes no sense to me! I noticed the cost last year and did the same thing, canceled my auto-renewal and got a better deal. I think it was about $45 last year, now its $50! Wouldn't it make more sense to have the auto-renewal at the discounted price instead of more than double the new price? I have no problem whatsoever with an auto-renewal, it is easy, very convenient and saves me the trouble of remembering to renew/purchase the product when my year is up. The problem I have is that Bitdefender is charging more than double the cost to use an auto-renewal service!

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    Since I have been quoted by @Scott , I will add my two cents. Discounted introductory prices are usual to attract new customers in the software industry. Once you get the product, it is hoped that you will renew at what is considered sufficient cost to sustain the company producing the product. Bitdefender is not a charity; it is a business.

    My position on the BD mandatory auto-renewal opt-in is documented in my posts on this Forum over the years. The user should have the option to choose auto-renewal if they so desire, IMHO. As it is, the customer has to jump hoops to cancel the default auto-renewal option=ON each time a BD subscription is renewed manually.

    @Alexandru_BD has posted many times justifying their default auto-renewal policy. He and I respectfully disagree, but in fairness to BD, I have had a significant number of my computer support clients opt to leave the default enabled because they don't want the hassle of having to manually renew annually. For that convenience, they are willing to pay the premium price. I explain to those clients that they would do better to renew manually, but they are happy to pay for that seamless service. No further intervention is required by them; just pay the premium price and their subscription is automatically renewed.

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