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Excluding connected microcontroller


I am working with a microcontroller and using my Windows 10 laptop to develop it. I sometimes connect via a USB cable, and sometimes the controllers bring up their own wi-fi. The controller runs Linux.

Since this is a self-contained device and a completely private network, I want to exclude it from everything Bitdefender does. (No scanning, no firewall blocks, no web site checks, nothing because BD slows down our work with this device.)

What are the steps to do this?


  • Hello,

    I don't think this would work.. Whenever you connect something via usb, the antivirus can be set not to autoscan usb devices, but this is as far as it goes:

    Otherwise, if this is a self contained device and a completely private network, it means it's not actually on the device where the antivirus is installed thus advanced settings cannot be applied for it using the Bitdefender UI.

    These are my two cents.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user