Please help with unblocking MMORPG


I'm trying to play an MMORPG Moonlight sculptor dark gamer and bitdefender keeps blocking the game. the culprit seem to be wellbia anti-cheet system, that's been previously used in playerunknown battlegrounds and now is used by Xlgames for this MMO.

I know that the company is pretty big to be using viruses or other malicious software, so I'm pretty sure it's the anti-cheat system there is a being a flag as false positive.

if you scan the game, it comes out completely clean. But as soon as you start patching and WELLBIA loads up, bitdefender start screaming that I have an attack and completely blocks and disinfects all the related files. also setting game folders as an exception, doesn't seem to work.

if there's any way to fix this please let me know