A Guide to Bitdefender VPN’s Double Hop

As you already know, our UX designers have recently given Bitdefender VPN a fresh look, and to go along with it, all our VPN articles (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) are now up-to-date.

This summer we've also rolled out a brand-new feature: Double-Hop. It can route your VPN connection through 2 servers in different locations. As such, we've put together an informative article on how to use the Double-hop feature, and it's available in all the languages we support :


  • Scott
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    This is a very nice feature of Double Hop. Well done, Bitdefender 😊

    • Maximum of 5 Custom Double Hop Entries: You can create up to 5 unique Double Hop VPN configurations, allowing flexibility in choosing your preferred server combinations.

    Also, realize as the article mentions:

    Although safer than a regular VPN connection, a double-hop VPN setup is not commonly used for everyday browsing because it can slow down your internet connection due to the increased number of server hops.

    As of now, this feature is only available for Android and iOS.

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  • Yes, that's correct @Scott. The feature is not recommended for intense browsing or streaming, because the double hop setup can indeed slow down the internet connection. As the article mentions, this feature is more commonly employed by individuals who require maximum anonymity and security, such as journalists, activists, or users located in regions with strict internet censorship and surveillance.

  • Here's an interesting blog article that focuses on the importance of multi-hop VPNs. It also explains why it may take a toll on its overall speed. This phenomenon is due to the additional time it takes for traffic to travel between multiple servers, and the extra computational power used to re-encrypt data at each hop.