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How do I rollback vulnerability fix done by Bitdefender that grayed-out automatic signin?


Hi Everyone. I have Bitdefender Total Security for Windows 11. When I run the Vulnerability Scan, Bitdefender always reported detecting a potential device vulnerability. The notification text was the following: "With automatic sign on after restart, your device saves the Windows credentials of the user last logged in and keeps them automatically logged in after a device restart. This could pose a risk to your privacy, as your data and device could be exposed to prying eyes in certain circumstances. We recommend you disable auto logins after the automatic restart to enhance your data's security and your privacy." There was an option to fix the issue. When I opted to fix the issue, Bitdefender completely grayed-out the option in WIndows 11's Settings, Accounts, Sign-in Options, "Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up after an update." I wish to undo this fix as I wish to have the option to choose automatic sign-on or not myself, i.e. not having it grayed-out. Do you know of a way of undoing the fix or of removing the gray-out please? Many thanks and will appreciate any suggestions.