Is there away to remove the notification on the dashboard

Is there a way to remove the notification on the dashboard - the annoying Password Manager advert won't go away. It annoys me. There should be an option to disable such annoying in product adverts or dismiss them. I can't find an option to do so.

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  • Gjoksi
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    It is impossible to remove that notification/recommendation. There is no setting to do so.

    The only way to remove it is to buy Password Manager, Premium Security, Ultimate Security or Ultimate Security Plus suibscription.



  • Thanks for the answer. Such a shame Bitdefender force this stuff on you. I am all for a clean GUI, not having products advertised in my face. IMO for a paid product, this practice is bad and not ethical. Total security is more than adequate for what I need. A shame the company chose this route and or the developers complicit in this practice in not allowing such to be removed/dismissed.

  • Scott
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    Hi @pbm11

    I gave up on that one too, as if you were to buy Password Manager, (or upgrade your security) the next one that it will want you to install, (scroll to the next one) is the Central app., which I refuse to do. We either need to put up with it, or at the bottom, tick on the Malware scanner icon, exit out of the app and it will open again in that window, ad-free. Not really a solution, but a workaround.

    Bitdefender's thought is that they want you to know about those features, but in not being able to disable those info. ads is annoying. I have made my "annoyance" known in a PM with some of the other members and mods in a PM, on all of our behalf.

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  • Thanks, Scott and those fighting against these forced product adverts/placements. It can't be that hard for the developers to add functionality to the app (even if only for paid subscribers, not trial) to disable such.

    Hopefully, Bitdefender will get a conscience and moral compass refocused sometime soon and sort this out for all subscribers.

    Thanks, everyone. :)

  • Hello,

    I'll jump in here with a small mention. Technically, this is not considered to be a notification in the true sense of the word. It's a section of Mobile Security, like a banner that covers all the other Bitdefender applications. It does not only include Password Manager, but takes into account which Bitdefender applications the user has installed or not. So it can make recommendations, for example it may suggest the Central app, if it's not installed on the mobile device, so the user can easily manage their subscriptions and security on the go. Or, it can recommend the standalone VPN app, to make the best out of a multi-device subscription and use the included VPN on the mobile device as well. Basically, it's a banner that encompasses all apps and available features in the Bitdefender ecosystem with the scope to raise awareness of the existing benefits.

    For example, today when I've accessed my Mobile Security app, the banner displayed a recommendation to add another email account to check with the Account Privacy feature.


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  • Hi,

    In your screenshot, you can remove and close the said notification. As noted in mine, there is no way to close or remove the notification. Mine is not an autopilot recommendation - it is annoying in the you are safe screen with no way to dismiss it.

  • My bad, although it looks like it's in the same place, mine comes from the autopilot recommendations while yours is exactly what I've described previously. What happens if you click on "Learn more"? Does it disappear afterwards, or is it still displayed there? Have you received similar information in the same banner before? Not sure how to completely dismiss it apart from getting that app..

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