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update from trial version not possible - link does not work



I'm almost at the end of a trial period and would like to buy the product and make use of the advertised discount. However, the "buy now" button in the app doesn't work. It opens up the browser to

but when I click the "buy" button there, the link is dead. I wrote an email do Bitdefender, but so far haven't got a reply. Is there any workaround where I don't lose the discount?


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  • Hello @newtobitdefender and welcome to the Community!

    If the link doesn't work for some reason, try the one below and let us know if you get the same discount for the desired product. In the meantime, the support teams should be able to come up with a fix for this. You can also try to clear the cache & cookies and use different browsers, or even icognito mode to access that page and see what happens.



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  • Thanks, I contacted the chat support and they gave me a different link which worked in the end - with a different browser. The guy was actually patient and helpful - I guess it's always good to speak English though.

  • Glad to hear the situation was resolved.

    Remember, you can always post your inquiries in the community, and if we can't solve your request here, the Support teams will always find solutions 😉

    Enjoy your Bitdefender product and have a good day!

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  • Scott
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    Bitdefender has some of the best support out there, especially Chat to get things going or to head us in the right direction. Don't ever lose Chat support, BD :)

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