Rootkit suspicion

I have installed Bitdefender total security just a couple of days ago with 1 year subscription plan. It's doing completely fine with the service provided. But i suspect there may be rootkit in my system as windows sometime freezes & tochpad, mouse & keyboard works unusual and become hyper. I run windows 11(64-bit). I tried scanning in the bitdefender rescue environment & found out the rootkit scanning command was no. Every other scanning was positive except this one despite being not done. Guys please help me asap.


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    I think that the best option for you is to contact Bitdefender Consumer Support, as the support engineers could take a deeper look at the issue, so do the steps below.

    First, Create a log file on your Windows device using Bitdefender Support Tool, by following these steps:


    create a log file on your Windows device using BDsysLog, by following these steps:

    Next, contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by e-mail:

    with short description of the issue.

    After that, you will get an automated reply by the Bitdefender Customer Care Team, with your ticket number.

    Now, in reply to that automated reply, you can send the log files you already created in the first step.

    Since you are all done, just wait for the support engineers to investigate your issue and find a solution to fix the issue.

    Remember that the log files will help a lot to the support engineers for better and faster investigation on your issue and finding a solution.