Is anyone else having major issues with the new release of SafePay?

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Bitdefender did an update a wreak ago and ever since safepay no longer uses the wallet but now uses the Password Manger. In Safepay it does not fill in like the wallet did. Well initially you have to open a window to open and get the password manger to ask for its password. This is true for every new window that opens whether it is in safepay or just a browser. Password manager is worse than a paper log for passwords.

So that said SafePay new gui or should I say app is a bust. When website open additional screens they expand beyond safepay window. So the user no longer has the controls of the website accessible to close or log out. One has to kill safepay to close outside the safepay environment.

Third I have reported this to support and they want me to trouble shoot this with logging turned on. Like I trust my passwords are not going to be logged. Excuse me security breach to the max.

This will be my last Bitdefender foo pa as there have been way to many breaches on their part. Breaking their product and asking for help to trouble shoot is a joke of support.


  • I reported this same very issue to the forum yesterday. As a new member of this forum, I hope that there is someone brighter than me who can either fix this issue, or at least suggest a work around. Cheers from PlusGl0ssy.

  • I am having these issues also. SafePay is wonky now.

  • Hello everyone and thanks for joining us here.

    There have been some known issues with Safepay since the latest update and the development teams are currently investigating the situation and will release a fix via an automated update.

    First, Safepay does not launch in full screen as it did before and this behavior will be corrected soon. Secondly, the Safepay window may not display certain pages correctly and this is something that needs to be resolved asap. Also, the VPN may be displayed as disconnected in Safepay, although it has been set to connect automatically when launching the protected browser. It will connect, but this is not reflected in the interface.

    The developers have some work to do right now, but I'm confident they will get to the bottom of this soon.

    I regret this inconvenience and will update this thread as soon as I have more news.

    Thank you for your patience.



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