Does Bitdefender blocks malware from connecting to free wifi?

I read that connecting to free wifi like in hotels or airports can download malware to your phone.

How does that work and is it something that bitdefender blocks?


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    Malware can get onto your phone when you connect to free Wi-Fi networks, like in hotels or airports, in a few ways:

    1) Man-in-the-middle attacks: Attackers intercept your connection and impersonate legitimate websites. They can redirect you to fake sites, steal your login info when you enter it.

    2) Malicious hotspots: Attackers create fake Wi-Fi hotspots that look real. When you connect, they can put malware on your phone.

    3) Infected downloads: Downloading files from infected websites can install malware. Free Wi-Fi may make you more likely to download from unfamiliar sites.

    Bitdefender prevents malware downloads from free Wi-Fi by:

    1) Blocking malicious websites.

    2) Watching for suspicious network activity and stopping malware installation attempts.

    3) Scanning downloaded files for malware before installation.


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