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I just came looking for advice on why VPN is slowing down my connection and see that I am not alone. I have contacted support who tell me that a fix is on the way, however it seems people have been waiting a long time for it in this forum. Let me ask this question and maybe someone can shed some light on it.

VPN worked fine on broadband I have just updated to fiber and am experiencing the same issue we all share. However this is what I tried this morning. Here is a copy of the email I just sent to support.


I think you might be looking in the wrong place for a fix for this issue.  

1 I raised a post in my ISP community and one of the mods got back to me after doing a speed test with his results using BitDefender VPN. His results were as expected. 75mbs with VPN and 77 without. This got me thinking

I am on a win 10 computer I wondered if he was using a MAC?

2 I have an ipad which connects using WiFi so I was not expecting anything great in terms of speed however:

a) Using the automatic connection I get 61mbs

b ) Using Hydra I get 65mbs

c ) Using IP sec I get 71 mbs

d ) Using Wireguard I get 71mbs

And that’s over WIFI. This is what I would expect from my win 10 machine but am not getting. My VPN on windows is different to that on the MAC in terms of settings and leads me to the conclusion this could be the problem.

Any thoughts on this?


I am in thee UK and using the closest server to my location. Can someone else try this and see if you get the same results?


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    Hello @Norman10 and welcome to the community.

    Indeed, we have received similar reports on the forum and you can check the thread below for more context:

    An investigation was carried out and it has been observed that this behavior has been encountered on Windows only and it's usually tied with high-speed internet. Adjustments will be made to the VPN infrastructure to address this isolated issue. A new software development kit, also known as SDK will be subject to an elaborate testing process that will ensure proper functionality when released. Improvements are on their way for this exceptional behavior and the VPN team aim to deploy the fix next week. If the teams encounter further delays, I will post an update on the main thread above.

    For what is worth, you may also consult this article and try the recommended steps to speed up the VPN connection, if possible:

    I hope the information is helpful.



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  • Hi Alex

    That would explain the problem and thank you for that however much as I like BitDefender and the VPN this would appear to have been known about for a very long time and as yet no fix? Could you explain why and offer a potential fix date please.


  • Hi @Norman10,

    You are most welcome.

    There have been isolated cases and the behavior was reported in several areas, so it's difficult to pinpoint the first occurences accurately. Our expectations here in the community are that the situation should be fixed next week, but the resolution still depends on the duration of tests and required implementation steps for the new SDK, as more teams are involved in the task.


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  • I am having the same issue on my iPad. I had to turn off the VPM in order to even get online, or use certain apps. No Wi-Fi internet connection at all. I’ll read the articles recommended. Hope something will help.

  • Hi VBreeze

    Its not much consolation but you are not alone this has been a problem for ages for quite a few of us and as yet there does not seem to be a solution. I have also recently been experiencing connection problems along with the slow running.

    Take a look at the above thread and see if you can add more insights to it. Every little helps, I would like to think.