Why did Bitdefender block Google Drive?

I was doing a school project and opened Google Drive in Chrome. For some reason, Bitdefender blocked the page. Why did this happen?


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    Just did a test on my laptop and here are the results:

    Strange thing is that when i go directly to Google Drive, i have no problems accessing the page.

    But, when i search for Google Drive in Google search, the page is marked as Unsafe and when i click on the link, the page is blocked by Bitdefender. (the last 2 images)

    Anyway, only the anti-malware researchers at Bitdefender Labs can help you with the issue.

    So, you should report the URL(s) as false positive to Bitdefender Labs here:



  • Just got back on, and Google Drive is still being blocked through Google search, but not my bookmark. I'll report it. Thanks for the help!