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I got an update on Bitdefender the same time I got a virus.


I got a virus on my pc, some sort of phishing because I was on chrome and a popup window appeared and a Bitdefender icon that said "take me back to safety", which I clicked on. After that I kept getting popups from the bottom right hand side of my screen that said "your computer is infected" and stuff like that, which to me seemed like some sort of virus in of itself. I do a scan of my computer with Bitdefender and it says that my pc is clean even though the popups keep coming. I then look through my Bitdefender notifications and see that I got an update around the same time the "take me back to safety" button appeared. I look through the update and find stuff like;




I get a bunch of other stuff too but I can't copy paste it all. Is this how normal updates look or is this part of the problem?

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Al wreath and welcome to the Community!

    Definitely adware or browser redirects. Your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. A browser reset and removing unwanted extensions from it should be enough as these notifications and pop-ups are always browser related.

    The notifications and pop-ups in this situation do not have anything malicious attached to them, but when you click on them, they will redirect to malicious sites that try to collect your data or install abusive or dangerous software. Some look like fake infection alerts meant to give the user the sense of urgency, to trick you to click on the respective notification and from there it's down the rabbit hole.

    The scan will not reveal anything wrong in this scenario because Bitdefender cannot take any direct measures related to this type of notifications, such as adware that you agreed on or something you enabled, like site setting, site notification, redirects in your browser or installed toolbars, extensions or applications. But it will block anything that displays dubious behavior or attempts to make any unauthorized changes to your system or files.


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