Maven local wrapper wrongly interpreted as vulnerability


Today I had a big trouble trying to make a maven wrapper to work in a Quarkus project, because the bitdefender was always blocking it and directly interrupting without my approval, saying it had "access denied".

I thought at the beginning it was Windows 11 fault, but even with admin rights I couldnt run it.

I tried to add the whole folder as exception and didnt work, so I also tried to give exception to only the mvnw.cmd file and it didnt work either.

I could use my local maven to run the code, but for testing purposes I completely uninstalled the bitdefender and only then I was able to run the wrapper.

I dont know if its a known bug and/or this is a duplicate. If it is, sorry for the trouble, but I believe its a good fix for the future. I don't want to uninstall my antivirus everytime I need to work with my development tools.