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I Cannot Locate The Link to Turn off the Firewall


Relatively new user here. I have an internet site (my cable company's remote access internet page that allows me to watch tv over an internet connection) that will no longer connect after a Windows 11 OS re-install by Microsoft support.

I have read the user manual, and watched the video, and I cannot figure out where the link is on this home page to access the FW controls. The manual and video both say to do this:

"To enable or disable the firewall protection:

1. Open the Bitdefender interface and click Protection on the left side menu.

2. In the Firewall panel, turn on or off the corresponding switch."

If you look at my screen capture, you will see that there is no "Protection" option in the left hand side menu. I have tried clicking all of the options in this menu, and none of them take me to a page where I can disable my Bitdefender FW.

Can someone please point me to the place where I can access this? I would be very grateful.

BONUS QUESTION: in the "My devices" pane above, it shows that I have Bitdefender installed on 3 devices. I recognize 2 of the devices, but I have no idea what "Hatch" is or how it got connected. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thank you in advance!