For information purposes only: I might know what caused the Nelreports problems.

I might have found the flashpoint that caused the nelreport problems.

The certification system has a weakness: Time and Date validation.

Since we went back an hour this week on sunday November 5.

It cause the certificate to repeat at an earlier time than the actual last time it was asked.

Example: from 3am to 2am

Which is incompatible with the current SSL protocol that requires time to be continuous, and therefore rejected the certificate.

Once a certificate is rejected, it will always be rejected until renew.

The system will then, by innoculation, remove the certificate from all systems of every user.

Judging by the time it took to affect us, it is consistent to an Updating time table.

I might be wrong, but that is my best guess about the problem.

Which means it's out of the hands of a lot of people.

Bitdefender could help by silencing the notification, but keeping it logged.