Downloadsnelheid door PVN vertraagd van 4MBs naar 300KBs.

Wicklow Hr.
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Hallo, ik ben al weken bezig om de oorzaak te achterhalen. Alle mogelijke oplossingen die op internet geschreven zijn helpen niet. Ook de 7 oplosmogelijkheden van Bitdefender zelf geven geen resultaat.

Enige oplossing is de automatische verlenging van mijn abonnement te stoppen, PVN te verwijderen en op zoek te gaan naar een ander merk.

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Abonnementen tot 26 April 2024

Mvg. Chris Kop



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  • Liobet
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    Hi Chris Kop

    Please delete your email address ! It should not be visible on the forum.

    If I understand the translation :

    "Download speed delayed by PVN from 4MBs to 300KBs.

    Hi, I've been working for weeks to find out the cause. All possible solutions written on the internet do not help. The 7 dissolution options of Bitdefender itself also give no result.. Only solution is to stop the automatic renewal of my subscription, remove PVN and look for another brand.. Bitdefender Premium Security. VPN Premium. Bitdefender Digital Indentity. Subscriptions until April 26, 2024. Mvg. Chris Kop"

    There is speed issue possible according to BD

    You'd better check with our support team.



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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @Wicklow and welcome to the Community!

    Since I don't speak Dutch, I'll post my reply in English. 🙂

    Before canceling your subscriptions, make sure to check if you are using the latest VPN version. A major update has been recently released for Bitdefender VPN on Windows, and some adjustments have been made to improve the download speed:

    In the event the situation persists even with the latest build installed, I would recommend contacting the Support teams for a more in-depth investigation. There you can also request the cancelation of your subscription(s), if you still wish to go down that path. Please note we are unable to cancel customer subscriptions in the community.

    If needed, you can find the contact details for Bitdefender Support at the link below:

    Choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.

    For future reference, please refrain from posting any sensitive personal information here, for example your email address. Keep in mind this is not a private support channel, but an open forum that anyone can read.

    I hope the information is helpful.



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  • Using Google Translate.

    Thanks Alex for the response,

    Sorry, I pressed the wrong symbol at the bottom of your message "was this helpful" it should have been Yes.

    I contacted Consumer Support by email, after providing the necessary information, they are working on it.

    My VPN version is and needs to be updated.

    But I just can't find where to update VPN Premium.

    I can no longer delete the error to show my e-mail address.



  • No worries, if your inquiry is already with the Support teams, they'll figure it out for you.

    In the meantime, here's another insightful read:

    Keep us posted, I'm curious to know what was causing the speed drop in your case.



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