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Password Manager: Allow generated password to be copied


When providing a password to logon to a new site, Password Manager has a useful feature to generate a strong password for you - BUT I DON'T use it! Because I can't find a way to copy the password to clipboard, and password manager doesn't always recognise the logon and offer to save it, which then leaves me with a new logon which I don't have a record of the password for - my only option is to immediately reset the password.

At least if I could copy the password to clipboard, I could set it up in Password Manager automatically if PM fails to recognise the logon. Better still, it should automatically copy to clipboard.

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  • JoeD1
    edited February 27

    Hmmmm, if I just click on the generated password it says it's copied to the clipboard and I verified it is. 🤔 I'm using the Mac version with Safari.