GravityZone Business Security - Blocking random sites

WRRIT Technical Support Lead Engineer


I hope I find better help here than I have received from Bitdefender Support. I actually have two issues, but I'm going to start with this one and will start a new post for the other.

Company background: We are 100% remote, with no servers, firewalls, switches, etc. Everyone works off of their laptops from home and we are spread across the country. We use Google Workspace for email, storage, etc.

Recently, we've had about 10 - 12 Macs that started having issues with sites being blocked, or actually, the browser doesn't recognize the SSL cert. These are everyday sites that we use, Google Drive, Adobe, even our own website. It happens with Safari & Chrome, but I have not tried it with other browsers. It's odd that it only affects some people. They are even on different ISPs, along with different brand modems/routers.

I've done extensive troubleshooting, but I have not be able to resolve this issue. Below is what I have done:

  • Checking for updates: macOS (already updated to Sonoma), Chrome
  • Rebooting, with & without reopening same windows.
  • Clear cache/cookies in both browsers
  • Flush DNS
  • Disconnect/reconnect to wifi
  • Change DNS from AT&T to Cloudflare
  • Flush DNS again
  • Scanned with Malwarebytes & Bitdefender Endpoint Security. Nothing found
  • Disabled IPV6

I finally found that when I uninstalled Bitdefender, the issue went away. (This is part of my second issue, when I uninstall it, it will reinstall itself, so the issue returns.) I contacted support and they had me create a new policy that disables Network Protection, and I pushed it out to all of the devices, 70'ish. Unfortunately, this has not resolved the issue.

Our subscription doesn't run out until July, so we are stuck with them until then. Has anyone come across this issue before or have any idea as to how to fix it?

One other note, I'm attaching pics, but this is from when I first encountered the issue, and they are not everyday sites that we use. Since more issues were reported, that's when I saw that it was affecting GDrive, our website, etc. Also, the first pic, only the pics were blocked (, the other is typical of the the issues encountered.