Can anyone make Safepay go away?

Hi y'all. Okay I hate Safepay and wish I could just disable it altogether. But, it pops up all of the time. Currently, I'm working at a Starbucks with no payment sites open and yet Safepay pops up. I close it and it immediately pops back up. I have it disabled but there's no stopping it. And, so whenever I'm writing in some applications, I have to move the entire window so that I can actually see what I'm typing on the lower right. Does anyone know how to make this thing go away permanently?



  • Flexx

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  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    This sounds like a bug. Can you try to enable and disable again the Safepay settings, and check if this still manifests?

  • I have same issue. Have enabled and disabled and still get these really annoying Safepay pop ups.

  • Have "Repaired" installation (ie unistalled and reinstalled) as advised elsewhere and still get Safepay notifications...

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    A similar issue has been reported and fixed, and it should be released these days.

  • Bitdefender just updated itself again and problem now seems to have been resolved.

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    Super. Just in case, if something similar resurfaces (although it should not), please place a forum message and mention @camarie so I can be notified and check quickly.

  • Gjoksi



    Ticket No.: 1008377545

    This is the email i just got:


    Thank you for your follow-up e-mail.

    As mentioned previously on the ticket, a fix for this Bitdefender behavior is still undergoing development. We do not have an estimated time for the release of the fix yet, but we will contact you as soon as it's implemented by an automatic update of Bitdefender. Please keep in mind that all reported bugs require investigation time. Since product updates are usually released once a month it may take at least 1 month until a fix is implemented in the product - this does not include the debugging period.

    Also, once the fix is up we will extend the validity of your subscription by the amount of time it took to resolve the issue and to compensate for the inconvenience.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. Rest assured that we will contact you again as soon as the fix is released.

    Kind Regards,

    Andrei M.

    Senior Technical Support Engineer"

    All i (we) can do now is to wait.

    Cheers. 🙂

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    True. I will still prefer to check for the entire update to reach market and make sure the update arrives. The issue I fixed was that after a restart the settings related to Safepay did not properly propagate across session, maybe after a restart it will manifest again unless the update scheduled these days arrives and fixes it for good.