HELP go-ipfs_v0.24.0_windows-amd64 what is this??????

I'm on my new PC, and I turned off Bitdefender because it doesn't allow Steam to run. The reason I turned it off was to play games. The reason Bitdefender blocks Steam is unknown to me; if someone has an idea, it would help a lot. But that's not my main concern right now. After turning off Bitdefender, I received a popup window from Windows Defender. It said, "go-ipfs_v0.24.0_windows-amd64 wants to be installed on your PC." I canceled it because I didn't want it installed. My PC has an Intel i9 CPU and Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU. The file mentions "amd64," and I'm unsure if this relates to CPU or GPU devices. This led me to reach out for help. Is there anyone behind my PC, or was IPFS already installed? Does "amd64" mean something for CPU or GPU devices, or does it have nothing to do with them? I'm scared, although Bitdefender indicates everything is safe. Can someone please help me?