Bitdefender Total Security failed to notify possible dangerous Gmail

MiniBB Bitdefender initial full system scan over 12 hours

Received Gmail message marked by Google as hereunder:

Can anyone please tell me why Bitdefender Total Security wouldn't notify me of this possible threat?

I was relying on Bitdefender to confirm incoming Gmails are safe or not. Doesn't the Total Security software include this type of defence/notification by Bitdefender? Or I read somewhere of Bitdefender Shield? Is that another software I now need to purchase to identify questionable Gmail messages?

This particular Gmail has numerous links to open digital software which I ordered via PayPal. So while I need the product/software, I don't wish to click into my PC and/or Android more problems.

I would appreciate any guidance (people with far more techie-knowledge than me) can give. Thank you.

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @MiniBB and thanks for joining us here.

    Bitdefender does not scan emails from Gmail because the respective emails and their content are not downloaded to the PC protected by the antivirus, they are hosted online. If there is any attempt to download malicious content or to access a dangerous link from a Gmail message, then Bitdefender will take action.

    Bitdefender blocks malicious emails or spam only through the antispam function that interacts with Outlook or Thunderbird clients.

    I hope the information is useful.



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  • MiniBB
    MiniBB Bitdefender initial full system scan over 12 hours

    Thank you Alex My apologies for the delay in responding to your very helpful reply. Much appreciated.