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Just did an update and it enabled search advisor? Is "on" the default setting?


Hello! Just noticed today that when i search on google there are some green check marks on the results. Is the first time i am seeing this after years of using BD. After doing some research i know is from a feature called Search Advisor. Also, it happened after Bitdefender updated. I am wondering several things:

1) Todays update switched "on" that feature? What happened?

2) After researching i went to the Online threat prevention settings and everything is on there. Are these default settings? They come on when you install BD fresh?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @pregunton,

    Yes, this is a default setting, Search Advisor should come enabled in the Online Threat Prevention settings. If the feature was not previously enabled, maybe there was a misconfiguration in the Bitdefender settings that was resolved following the latest update when it was again enabled by default.

    Search Advisor is a Bitdefender component that rates the results of your search engine queries and the links posted on social networking websites by placing an icon next to every result. The following ratings are available:

    • You should not visit this webpage. This webpage may contain dangerous content.
    • Exercise caution if you decide to visit it.
    • This is a safe page to visit.

    Search Advisor rates the search results from the following web search engines:

    ● Google ● Yahoo! ● Bing ● Baidu

    Search Advisor also rates the links posted on the following online social networking services: Facebook & Twitter.

    In the event you do not require this additional layer of browsing protection, you can easily disable Search Advisor from Protection -> Online Threat Prevention -> Search Advisor OFF:

    I hope the information is useful.



    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user